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Our Story

In 1998 CFM Aust. was discovered by Ross Clark; an enthusiastic business owner with a passion for quality tradesmanship. Ross always had an interest in designing and building things from scratch, along with a keen eye for detail. With now over 35 years’ experience in the industry, Ross has built a successful business in CFM Aust. that prides itself on delivering high quality commercial fitouts


Managing Director

Ross is the Managing Director for CFM Aust. Ross undertakes the Planning, Tendering, Operation and Construction of all projects to ensure budgets were achieved and schedules adhered to. Collaborating with Builders, Architects, Clients to find solutions to maximise project efficiency, cost and longevity. As well as ensuring that the contracts, Operational Health and Safety are adhered to throughout the projects to safeguard the company’s best interest.

We have a passion for producing quality items, teaching apprentices and meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations with regard to quality and timing.

Our Sustainable Focus

We have a sustainable focus ensuring we eliminate as much of our carbon footprint as possible. With our solar energy panels and the cross over from paperwork to electronic devices we have a commitment to the environment and the future of our planet.

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